Amy Brown (amybrown584) wrote in aussie_travel,
Amy Brown

Where to work in Aus??

I need help! Im trying to work out a roughish plan of what to do when over in Australia. I know the likelihood of me sticking to the plan is hardly anything but i need it in order to get myself on the plane :-)

Im gonna be starting in Sydney then i wanna travel and move to somewhere to work for a bit...but i dont know where to work! I wanna be by the sea so i can surf and scuba dive and im not a big fan of big cities. Any suggestions?? Ive been recommended Brisbane but i think thats too big.

Cheers :-)

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My favorite memories of my month in Australia were the Great Ocean Road and The Great Barrier Reef, and everything related to Cairnes. We stayed at this place called the Half Moon Bay Resort. It was cheap for the most part and the owners were wonderful.
Cairns and in general the Queensland area protected by the reef will meet the "scuba dive" criteria, but not the "surf" criteria: the reef shelters the shore too much.

I'd look at the far northern NSW area around Byron Bay as one possibility for combining sea, surf and scuba with towns rather than cities. (Fairly touristy towns, but if you want to go somewhere with both surf and scuba that's what you'll get.)
cheers for that, the only thing i have about Cairns is that LOADS of brits go there and try and get jobs, but if this was the case id just move on

x thanks
East Coast

For Scuba, Cairns
For both as mentioned Byron Bay - lots of people try and work there though.

West Coast

For Scuba, Exmouth
For general (some surf around but not too much) Broome.
Cheers for that, Cairns and Byron Bay are definately looking favourite

If you do go to Byron Bay and are hostelling/camping make sure you look up the arts factory. I have done a LOT of backpacking and would say this is my best hostel.

Have fun. Your going to wish you where there for longer
I really hope so, its getting so close now and the doubts are starting to creep in! Theres no way il cancel but AAAHHH
haha, I have the same "idea"! Im planning for my trip to australia with a friend, but neither of us knows for sure if we're really going to go. :) But the planning sounds nice. Our plan is to go to south australia in like oct-feb. And then to the north mars-sep. We would die in the heat otherwise i think! haha:) Good luck with your planning! (btw we plan to work there too)
im guessing you are over there now or are you going next october??
im going next year hopefully. But we might go to the north first(april 2008), it depends on how its goes with the saving of the money;P
Good luck with that one, ive given up and just thought stuff it and going with wot ive got :) x
haha. okey. Do you mean you've given up on saving money?:P I bet thats what's going to happen to me too:P haha. But its always good to have a safetynet!
Yeah, gave up on the saving and decided to just stuff it and go :) but i did sell my car so i suppose that was alot of cash :)
Western Australia has some good surf beaches (and some pretty swimming ones). Margaret River is an excellent place to visit. WA is often looked over when people come travelling. Can't say you've been to Oz without experiencing more than just Sydney and Melbourne--we're such a diverse country.
i like to Australia pl z explain it about work